Commonly Used Penile Prosthesis Brands in the World

Commonly Used Penile Prosthesis Brands in the World

Penile prosthesis brands in the world refer to the various medical devices designed to treat erectile dysfunction by surgically implanting them into the penis. These prostheses aim to restore sexual function and improve quality of life for individuals unable to achieve or maintain an erection.

Leading brands in this field include names like AMS (American Medical Systems), Coloplast, and Rigicon, each offering different types of penile implants with varying features and functionalities. These devices have undergone significant advancements over the years, providing more natural-looking and functional solutions for individuals seeking to regain sexual function.

Penile prosthesis brands and types in the world

The world of penile prostheses offers several brands and types catering to different patient needs and preferences. Here are some prominent brands and types:

AMS (American Medical Systems):

  • AMS 700TM Series: This series includes inflatable penile implants with various models such as AMS 700™ CX, AMS 700™ CXR, and AMS 700™ LGX. These implants allow for manual inflation and deflation, providing a natural-feeling erection.


  • Titan® Series: Coloplast’s Titan® penile implants come in different models like the Titan® OTR and Titan® Touch. These implants offer a reliable, customizable solution for erectile dysfunction.


  • Rigi10™ is the new malleable penile prosthesis from Rigicon.
  • Infla10® X: Rigicon offers the Infla10® three-piece inflatable penile.
  • Infla10® AX is designed to address patients’ post-operative concerns of penile shortening by providing both girth and length expansion.

These brands and types represent a selection of the diverse options available in the realm of penile prostheses, each offering unique features and benefits to address the varying needs of patients with erectile dysfunction.

Penile prosthesis company and warranties

As of my last update, specific warranty information for penile prostheses, including those from Rigicon or other manufacturers, may vary. However, penile prosthesis companies typically offer warranties to cover manufacturing defects and ensure the reliability of their products. Here’s a general overview:


  • Rigicon may offer warranties for their penile prostheses, covering manufacturing defects and malfunctions. The warranty period and terms may vary depending on the specific product and the policies of the company.

AMS and Coloplast::

  • Other manufacturers of penile prostheses, such as AMS (American Medical Systems), Coloplast, also typically provide warranties for their products. These warranties often cover a specified period of time, such as several years, and may vary in terms of coverage and limitations.

Warranty Coverage:

  • Warranty coverage for penile prostheses commonly includes repairs or replacement of the device in case of manufacturing defects or failures within the warranty period. It’s essential for patients to carefully review the warranty terms provided by the manufacturer to understand what is covered and any conditions or limitations that may apply.

Consultation with Urologist:

  • Patients considering penile prosthesis surgery should discuss warranty information with their urologist. Urologists can provide guidance on the available warranty options, as well as information on the reliability and performance of different penile prostheses.

Overall, while warranties provide assurance for patients undergoing penile prosthesis surgery, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of the warranty provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper coverage and support in case of any issues with the device.

Which prosthesis do we prefer?

We have been performing penile prosthesis surgeries successfully since 1992. We received adequate training on this subject in one of the first clinics in Turkey. Prosthesis selection is not something that the doctor will decide alone. By discussing with the patient, a prosthesis appropriate to the patient’s socio-economic and intellectual level is fitted.

Surgery price

The price of a penile prosthesis varies depending on the brand and type of the prosthesis. In addition, fees vary depending on the hospital where the surgery will be performed and the doctor who will perform the surgery.


Penile prosthesis brands in the world encompass a variety of medical devices designed to address erectile dysfunction. Leading brands such as AMS, Coloplast, and Rigicon offer a range of implants including inflatable models as well as non-inflatable options. These devices aim to restore sexual function and improve quality of life for individuals experiencing erectile dysfunction, providing different features and options to suit diverse patient needs.

Prof. Dr. Emin ÖZBEK


Istanbul- TURKIYE

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